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Products manufactured by Sazeh Gostar Medhat Co.

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Special Molds

technical department is ready to design and produce various special molds according to customer's order such as calvert molds, industrial and refinery molds

Scafolding System

Production of modular triangular scaffolds, modular hammer hollow scaffolds, modular cupboard scaffolds, roof joints of different sizes with the best raw materials

Road construction and tunneling

Special design of various types of Leining tunnel molds, New Jersey mold with standard housing research center, beam bending and various types of road molds

Modular Formwork System

Production of various modular molds including wall mold, foundation , pillar concrete mold, round mold, beam mold, circular mold and requirements

Mass Production AND Industrialization

Customized production according to client's order. Types of molded tunnel form, panel molds, light ceiling molds and plywood (hopad)


The best quality plovdiv merchandise in sizes 2.44 in 1.22 and 152 in 152. Commerce of H20 wood in various sizes

Sazeh Gostar Medhat Manufacturer of concrete Formwork System , Lining tunnel molding, Scaffold, Larg panel mold, New Jersey mold and all kinds of concrete molding systems

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 Design and manufacture of Tunel Form System & Larg Panel System

 Design and manufacture Lining Tunel & Dam System

 Design and manufacture of  Slider, climbing templates, bridges, 

  Design and manufacture of Modular Formwork System & probs 

  Design and manufacture of Scafolding Systm

  Commercial of Playwood system & h20 wood

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Tunel Lining System

For the implementation of a variety of water tunnels, roads, sewage, railways and ..., a tunnel is used which according to the type of application of the tunnel in various sections such as circular, horseshoe, oval, semicircular and ... It is produced.

The tunnel template consists of two main components of the shell and chariot. The crates consist of segments, usually with a width of 1.5 meters. Template arches, tunnels, crown molds and wall molds, molded petals of the shell are mounted on the chariot.

The chariot moves on the rails in the longitudinal direction of the tunnel and allows for the possibility of concreting in the next steps. Due to the mechanism of opening and closing the tunnel molds, it can be divided into two groups.

Tunel (14)


 Factory : Iran , Tehran , Safadasht , Safadasht Industrial Park, 8 West Street

 Head Office: Tehran, Ferdos West, , No. 495, Unit 48

(021) 44000076

09127111154 - 09129326001

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