Modular Formwork System

Wall Formwork

The integrated wall formword panels are used for formwork execution of high walls and also…

Round Section Formwork

Formwork of walls with round section is done in two following methods: In the first…

Modular Formwork System

 Modular Formwork System As this system could be easily used in types of concrete structures…

Foundation Formwork

We can use modular formworks for execution of concrete foundations and platforms. The parts that…

Formwork Systems Formworks of High Walls

The suspended scaffolding and brackets are used for formation of high walls and platforms. The…

Formwork Supplies And Parts Formwork Systems

  The following fittings and parts are used for connection of panels and formation of…

Column Formwork System

Column Formwork System By fitting the panels, external angles and some fittings like pin and…

Circular Moulds

The circular moulds are used for circular columns with low diameter. These panels are made…

Beam And Slam Formwork

  The beam and slam formwork is possible by combination of modular moulds, external angled…

Modular Formwork System

Modular Formwork System

Production of various modular molds including wall mold, foundation , pillar concrete mold, round mold, beam mold, circular mold and requirements

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