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Triangular modular scaffolding

Scaffolding under-slab without the need for additional connectors Triangular modular scaffolding is one of the…

star scaffolding system

Simple and quick execution without the need for additional connectors and affordable price The star…

Cup lock scaffolding

Suitable proposal for scaffolding facade and under-slab with the help of unbreakable parts. This method…

Facade scaffolding

  Appropriate alternative to traditional scaffolding system with the highest safety coefficient Facade scaffolding is…

Telescopic prop

   Types of telescopic props with different load carring capacity and possibility of installing different…

Scaffolding and safety

In various small and large construction projects, using various scaffolding systems is one of the main principles of concrete slabs operation and execution safety. These systems are commonly used for under-slabs and facade scaffolding. It is possible to choose the types of these systems depending on the project size, safety requirements and costs.
Also, suitable systems can be created to replace traditional scaffolding systems by adding parts such as ladders, stairs, guardrail post, etc. in the safety section.
Also, one of the most widely used products in this group is telescopic props which are used in small and large slabs operation.



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