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Shario formwork system


Shario formwork system
Execution of high bridges in wide openings and large valleys with Shario formwork system.
The standard Shario machine is typically designed with a length of 5 meters and a carrying capacity ranging from 100 to 600 tons. The steel weight depends on the bridge cross section but typically varies from about 25 tons to 110 tons on both sides. The standard Shario machine can be adapted for almost any section and can be easily adjusted during the execution for length changes up to 5 meters; the section height, thickness and width of the steel slab is easily adjustable.
By Shario machine, bridges with large spans (80 meters, 100 meters, 140 meters, etc.) are built in mountainous areas with deep valleys or on roaring and flooded rivers, many of which are also built in Iran. 

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